The Best Wines to Cellar from Four Australian Experts

The Best Wines to Cellar from Four Australian Experts

Did you know that 90% of wines are drunk before the next vintage has been released? That’s only 10% of wines that spend any time in the wine cellar and only 10% of wines that are given the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

The reason behind this is that only premium, high quality wine is best suited to wine cellaring. But if you’re going to put a special wine away for several years, you want to be sure that you are cellaring only the best wine.

Four Australian wine experts share their favorite wines for long-term cellaring.

Peter Gago (Penfolds Winery)

Peter Gago is chief winemaker at Penfolds, so when it comes to knowing which wine is best for cellaring, he’s the person to ask.

Peter’s recommendations for the best wines to cellar include:

– Penfolds St Henri 2006. This is the 50th release of St Henri and is a wonderful Shiraz. It is a counterpoint to Penfolds Grange and is a highly successful, alternative expression of Shiraz.
– Penfolds Bin 389 2006. Rated 96 points by James Halliday, this is a luscious Cabernet Shiraz. 
– Kaesler wines. “The winemaker, Reid Bosward, is making some beautiful wines – exuberant rich Barossa reds,” comments Peter. Peter recommends the Old Bastard which is a rich Shiraz with a unique label.
– Wynns Black Label Cabernet. Peter calls this a ‘staple’ wine for his wine cellar.

Peter also adds that he is steering away from the 2008 and 2009 Bordeaux wines. Peter says, “I was there in Bordeaux recently and they are some remarkable wines, but the pricing just makes it hard to justify.”

Sue Hodder (Wynns Winery)

Sue is chief winemaker at Wynns, a popular winery in the Coonawarra, South Australia region.

Sue recommends the following wines for long-term wine cellaring:

– Wynns Black Label Cabernet 2006. This is a very classic vintage. It is a medium-bodied, violety, and very aromatic wine.
– Wynns Black Label Cabernet 2008. The 2008 is a bigger, fuller wine but with amazing complexity.
– Wynns Coonawarra Estate John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. This is an extraordinary wine that is very powerful but supple.
– Brands wines.
– Balnaves wines.
– Majella Cabernets.
– Tyrells Vat 1 Semillon 2001 and 2004.

Loic Le Calvez (Taltarni Winery)

Loic is Taltarni’s senior winemaker. Taltarni holds back vintages longer than many other wineries, giving it the ability to offer high quality, aged wines.

Loic’s favourite wines for wine cellaring are:

– Taltarni Reserve Shiraz Cabernet 2005. This hit shelves in 2011 and has been highly popular. The weather was perfect and the wine making process was not rushed. There are only 400 dozen bottles made per year.
– Dalwhinnie Eagle Series Shiraz 2005. This is a crackerjack wine. It has a French style to it but it still has enormous fruit and is very elegant.
– Summerfield Jo Cabernet 2009. While still just a baby, this is a very big wine. It uses brand new American oak and will cellar for at least 10 years.
– Mount Langhi Ghiran 2007.
– Best’s Bin 0 2008.
– Foxey’s Hangout Shiraz 2008 and 2009. A great, affordable wine that will hold up with longer-term cellaring.

Oliver Crawford (Devil’s Lair Winery)

Oliver is regarded as one of the great wine makers of the Margaret River, and his work at Devil’s Lair is no exception. He has produced some amazing West Australian red wines over the past few years.

Oliver’s choice for the best wines for cellaring are:
– Margaret River region Cabernets 2009. This was an excellent vintage for the region as a whole. He naturally recommends the Devil’s Lair Cabernet 2009 as well as Moss Wood and Vasse Felix.
– Howard Park Cabernets 2009.
– Devil’s Lair Chardonnay 2009. Our first white wine! High quality chardonnays do well with a few years in the wine cellar, especially now with the screw cap.

Oliver adds that he is also favourable towards the 2007 and 2008 reds of the Margaret River region, but he steers clear of the 2006 vintage of the same region. For white wines, he recommends the 2009 vintage, while the 2008 vintage was not as strong.

How are you storing your wine?

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